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5 11/16" (144 mm) Glacial Gray Polystyrene Gizé Wall Paneling Santa Luzia

Code: 23565

Complete Description

This Gizé wall paneling is painted glacial gray from factory and is made of a material called polystyrene, technically known as EPS. This wall paneling is from the Gizé Collection, which includes 4 other color options. These profiles are eco-friendly and sustainable because they are made from recycled EPS (STYROFOAM®). After recycling the plastic, 96% of it is used as raw material for the production of mouldings and wall paneling. Once these profiles have reached the end of their useful life, they can be recycled and transformed into raw materials once again for the production of new products. This slatted wall paneling has several interesting features that differentiate it from other products in its category. It does not mold, rot, is immune to pests and termites, is water-resistant, and can be used in wet/ humid environments, such as kitchens, bathrooms, and laundry rooms. Its use is for interior environments only. Each wall paneling board measures 9′ 2-1/4″ (2.8m) in length. Important Note: Each box of this item comes with 1 unit of 6′ 6-3/4″ (2m) long board of glacial gray Gizé panel cap.

Technical Features

Technical Specifications


Gizé Collection

Product Type

Wall Panelings


5 11/16" (144 mm) Glacial Gray Polystyrene Gizé Wall Paneling


Inspired by the Giza Plateau, a location that houses one of the seven wonders of the world—the Pyramids of Egypt—the Gize Wall Paneling Collection brings much more than just the charm and beauty of the Pyramids to your environments.

Available in five neutral and soft colors that are trending in interior decoration, the wall paneling of the Gize Collection feature a pyramid-shaped design and bring the power of orthogonal reliefs, creating a play of light and shadow. It’s the perfect solution for those seeking a quick and practical transformation in their decor. The wall paneling are sustainable, durable and ready to install!





Release Year



9' 2-1/4" (2800 mm)


7/16" (11 mm)

Raw Material



96% recycled raw material


Usage Environment


Paint or Finish Characteristics

Solvent-based acrylic paint

Recommended use

Bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens, halls, bathrooms, etc...

Application Surface

Masonry, drywall, plasterboard, partitions, ceramic, etc...


5 years

Mold Resistance

ASTM D 3273 - 16


< 0,5 mg/m132


Class B

Average Unit Weight

1,532 Kg

Number of items per box

6 units or 2,42m²

Average weight per box

9,368 Kg



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