In addition to the beauty, it is a practical solution for the fitting between skirting boards and architraves of different sizes.

The encounter between decorative mouldings such as skirting boards and architraves can receive complements to make the finishing on doors and doorways even better. Santa Luzia, manufacturer of mouldings, wall coverings and accessories, has two classically inspired solutions, plinth blocks and rosettes, which can very well be applied in contemporary projects, as long as the balance between styles prevails in the decoration. But what are they for, you may be asking?

The plinth block is used to give an elegant finish between the skirting board and the architrave“, explains architect Josiane Flores, product coordinator at Santa Luzia. “The tip is to choose the plinth block model whose width is equal to or at least 1 cm greater than the architrave and whose height is equal to or at least 2 cm greater than the skirting board“.

While the plinth block plays an important role in the lower joints, the rosette is applied to the upper corners of doors and doorways, that is, in the meeting between two architraves. “Different from the plinth block, the length and height of the rosette must follow the measurements of the architraves“, advises Josiane.

Socalo and Rosette application example
Finishing complement - Socalo and Rosette.

The use of the plinth block and the rosette also facilitates installation, as their use allows that the union of the skirting board and architrave ends do not need to be cut at 45º angles. “A simple and quick top cut will give you the desired finish“, concludes Josiane.

Accessories 2020

Both are manufactured by the brand from the recycling of plastic residues such as Styrofoam®, “Polystyrene(EPS)”. It is present in refrigerator carcass, where it helps as a  thermal insulator. The company has developed an efficient method, capable of making it possible to collect, transport, store, select and transform Styrofoam® residues into finishes for civil construction. The process depends on the partnership of different players, such as companies that dispose of plastic leftovers and cooperatives/waste collectors who find the material on the streets throughout Brazil and the World.

See all our plinth block and rosette models and formats on our site and use your creativity to create your own compositions.

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Good Morning

Do you have a physical store so I can see the products? Thanks!

Hi! We are the manufacturer of Santa Luzia products. We do not have a store! But our commercial area will be able to answer all your doubts and recommend stores near you by calling 0300 1451300 or 48 36511310. To learn more about our company and products, follow the link on our blog https://www.industriasantaluzia.com.br/blog/

Hi, I've installed the rodapé Santa Luzia and now that I've met Socalo. I would like to know if it is still worth buying after the installation is done.

Hi. It depends on the situation!
If the finish was perfect, we recommend not doing this. Because you will have to remove the rodapé and this can be the wall if the workforce does not have experience in this type of service.

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