Santa Luzia presents a line of skirting boards for break-free renovations

A line of skirting boards that is practical and quick to install, saving time and money by avoiding the removal of old skirting boards
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Renovation Line Blades updated 07/01/2019

Developed to make the renovation of the ambient more pleasant, Santa Luzia's Refit Wall Line offers a practical and quick application of skirting boards without the need to remove the old ones, regardless of the material. The solution provided by the line is ideal for quick renovations, which need to save time and money by avoiding the breakage caused by the removal of the old skirting boards.

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The Refit Wall Line skirting boards are sold in 2.4 meter bars and have three height options:

The skirting board 548 is manufactured with a height of 4 5/16" and thickness of 13/16". See some illustrative images below:

Renovation Baseboards 548 - Illustration 03
Renovation Baseboards 548 - Illustration 04
Renovation Baseboards 548 - Illustration 02
Renovation Baseboards 548 - Illustration 01

The skirting boards 582 is manufactured with a height of 4 11/16" and thickness of 13/16". See some illustrative images below:

Renovation footer 582 - Illustration 04
Renovation footer 582 - Illustration 03
Renovation footer 582 - Illustration 01

The skirting board 583 is manufactured with a height of 5 14/16" and thickness of 13/16". See some illustrative images below:

Renovation footer 582 - Illustration 02
Renovation Footer 583 - Illustration 01
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Pay attention to factory recommendations!

To install the skirting boards from the Refit Wall Line, we recommend the use of Santa Luzia Super Adhesive, Santa Luzia Double-Sided Tape and the Santa Luzia Sealant. Follow information and yield below!

  • Santa Luzia Super Adhesive:  has excellent adhesion to common glass, aluminum, tile, ceramic, fiberglass, MDF, Santa Luzia polystyrene skirting boards and Santa Luzia polyurethane wall coverings. Recommended for indoor and outdoor areas. Once cured, it can be painted.
Super stickers - Indústria Santa Luzia

Its average yield for the Refit Wall Line mouldings is a tube for three bars of 2.4 meter totaling 7.2 linear meters of skirting boards. NOTE: The performance may decrease according to the imperfection or linearity of the wall to be installed.

  • Santa Luzia Double-Sided Tape: Ideal for initial anchoring of the products from the Refit Wall Line skirting boards in indoor ambients. It can also be used for the initial anchoring of other skirting boards, wall covings, mirrors, frames, decorative objects, electrical channels, industries in general, among others. Attention: testing before use is recommended for any products other than thos provided by Santa Luzia!
Santa Luza Double-sided tape for anchoring mouldings

Note: The average yield per Refit Wall Line skirting board is 36 cm of tape. The recommended use is 3 cm size pieces of tape every 40 cm in the longitudinal 'length' direction of the moulding; six pieces of tape at the top and six pieces at the bottom of the Refit Wall Line skirting board.

  • Santa Luzia Sealant: Ideal for finishing Santa Luzia skirting boards, decorative mouldings, wall covings and architraves. Also suggested for sealing around window frames, windows, other skirting boards, architraves and furniture finishes. Adheres to wood, MDF, plywood, concrete, plaster, drywall, stone and masonry. Attention: testing before use is recommended for any products other than those provided by Santa Luzia!
Santa Luzia Caulker - Release

Note:  The average yield of the Santa Luzia Sealant is up to 50 linear meters for a crack of up to 2 mm. This yield can decrease depending on the imperfection of the surface.

In addition to facilitating application, the skirting boards are sustainable, manufactured from the recycling of Styrofoam® residues, collected from the principles of circular economy and reverse logistics assumed by the company. Due to the properties of the recyclable EPS raw material “expanded polystyrene”, the pieces do not mold, are immune to pests, are impermeable and leave the factory painted, in other words, do not need to be painted.

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 For commercial information, contact us through WhatsApp by clicking on the respective link in the following regions:

👉São Paulo/Capital, Espírito Santo, Rio de Janeiro, Minas Gerais

WhatsApp (48)99963-5214

👉São Paulo / Interior, Paraná

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👉Rio Grande do Sul, Santa Catarina

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👉North, Northeast and Midwest

WhatsApp (48)99617-8749

Other matters by contact: 48-36511300 or access:

🤝🏼Our team will help to answer all your questions 😉.

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