12 creative ways to use polystyrene boiserie in decor

Uma forma de agregar personalidade ao ambiente é colocar o boiserie de EPS como moldura para um papel de parede. Assim, você pode incorporar texturas e cores diferentes, mas sem competir com o boiserie. Nesse caso, você pode pintar a moldura boiserie na mesma cor que a parede para evitar o excesso de informação. No entanto, também pode pintar em uma tonalidade diferente. Se essa for a sua opção, para evitar o risco do ambiente ficar sobrecarregado, sugerimos uma cor sem grande contraste com a parede, ou com a estampa do papel de parede escolhido.

Chances are, by name, you don't know what a polystyrene boiserie is. But, we are sure that you have already come across it in some ambients.

The polystyrene boiserie is a type of frame that provides the ambient with the charm of classic decor, however, it is not limited to just this style. Any style can incorporate this element, which has become a versatile decor trend.

Want to understand what a boiserie is, its origins and benefits? You're in the right place. Continue reading and also see 12 amazing ideas for using boiserie!

What is a boiserie?

The boiserie is a type of ornament widely used due to its versatility. It can be used to adorn doors, walls, paintings, and provides more elegance to the decoration of the ambients in which they are applied.

Its origin can be dated to around the 18th century, France, by the french elite. The material provided thermal comfort and could also be used to decorate spaces.

Time has passed and it is still common to see this ornament in projects of different styles and in different ambients. Currently, boiserie can be found on the market in various materials such as wood, cement, plaster and polystyrene.

Why use polystyrene boiserie?

Although nowadays it is more common to see plaster wall paneling, it is possible to find it in plastic materials as well. In other words, there are different types of boiserie.

This is due to sustainable solutions and, in general, plastic boiserie are lighter, easier to install and more economically viable.

Polystyrene, or EPS, used in the manufacture of Santa Luzia's boiserie, is ecological and sustainable, as it is produced from recycled STYROFOAM®. In addition, this material can be used in humid ambients. Thus, it presents more flexibility and versatility in its use.

How can I use polystyrene boiserie in decoration?

Despite being an item traditionally associated with classic and ornate decorations, it is possible to use the polystyrene boiserie in different decor styles. Just use creativity and harmonize it with the ambients.

In addition, you can find these frames in different formats, bringing more sophistication and elegance to spaces.

Below, check out 12 practical tips for using the boiserie in decoration.

1. Define your decoration style

Before starting to decorate an ambient, it is important to define what the dominant decoration style will be, as it is important that furniture and ornaments are in harmony with one another.

In other words, although the boiserie is traditionally an element of classic decor, it is possible to use it in other styles.

However, it is essential to think about the harmony between the moulding and the rest of the ambient's decoration.

If you choose a classic decor, for example, you can use the polystyrene boiserie with sophisticated and ornate furniture. But, if the idea is a contemporary decor, combine the symmetrical lines of the boiserie with minimalist furniture, with clean and simple lines.

2. Create a set of volumes

Polystyrene boiserie application in a living room decorated in shades of gray.
Mostra Artetacto 2015 — architecture: Barbara Paiva foto and Renato Elkis.

By using overlays, colour contrasts and light play, it is possible to enhance the decoration, thus, giving a new air to the ambient. For example, a white wall with a black boiserie surrounding a painting or a mirror can bring a sense of depth and amplitude to the space.

The use of framed mirrors is a creative idea for those looking for functional elements and who, at the same time, want to expand an ambient in an elegant and bold way.

3. Vary the designs of your polystyrene boiserie

In addition to the traditional symmetrical, rectangular and square models, it is possible to find and apply polystyrene boiserie in other formats.

Therefore, create shapes by combining different sizes and styles. Using a larger rectangle with a smaller one inside, for example, is a good way to use this classic ornament, create modern structures and make the ambientmore charming.

4. Bring modernity to the ambient

The boiserie's raw materials weren't the only thing that changed since their first uses. Nowadays, you can find them in different styles, colours and formats.

The most common and safest thing for modern ambients is to invest in pieces with straight, simple, minimalist lines and in neutral colours. However, if your idea is to dare in the decoration, using strong and vibrant tones in the wall frames can be a great option to harmonize the colours of the ambient.

5. Decorate various ambients

The boiserie can be explored a lot due to their versatility. Therefore, a tip is to use colors and combinations that refer to the personality of the room and whoever stays in the ambient.

For example, for a children's bedroom, it is possible to create a colourful and cheerful ambient by painting the boiserie in a bright and exuberant colour. For a living room, use the polystyrene boiserie on the walls to add depth and eliminate the flat effect, which can be a visual nuisance after a while.

A good tip for this ambient, especially if your decoration style is contemporary or industrial, is to combine boiserie with strong colours or textures, such as burnt cement.

For an office or home office space, you can still use it as a means of organization, and create an ideal climate for an ambient that refers to concentration, without leaving the style aside. To do this, use the boiserie to frame pictures, niches and spaces for reminders.

6. Use boiserie in classic decor

Those who like the classic style can take advantage of its charm and use the boiserie in all the decor.

You can use the adornment to create frames on doors and walls, use it with rounded edges and arabesques and, as in other styles, get creative with the colours without sacrificing the ambient's harmony.

7. Adopt polystyrene boiserie in commercial ambients

The polystyrene boiserie is a good option to bring a different decoration to your commercial establishment. This is because the material is easy to clean, as well as being immune to pests, mold and moisture.

Therefore, you can use it to bring a classic personality to the room. For example, a restaurant can place boiserie where the customers go to eat to make the space more beautiful and cozy.

In turn, a traditional clothing store makes its personality more visible. Meanwhile, if the style is different, it is possible to use the material in a more playful way, creating rectangles and using different colours.

8. Make your wallpaper stand out

One way to add personality to the ambient is to place the EPS boiserie as a frame for a wallpaper. Thus, you can incorporate different textures and colours, but without competing with boiserie.

If this is your chosen option, to avoid the risk of the ambient being overloaded, we suggest a colour without great contrast with the wall, or with the pattern of the chosen wallpaper.

In this case, you can paint the boiserie moulding in the same colour as the wall to avoid excess information. However, you can also paint it in a different shade.

If this is your chosen option, to avoid the risk of the ambient being overloaded, we suggest a colour without great contrast with the wall, or with the pattern of the chosen wallpaper.

9. Use boiserie to decorate stairs

Have you ever thought about using the boiserie on the stairs of your home or business? Just place it along the hand rail to bring an elegant, classic and, at the same time, fun look.

10. Use the boiserie as a picture frame

As strange as it may seem, you can innovate in the frame of a painting. By using the polystyrene boiserie, you can bring in new shapes, textures and colours. This is because it is possible to follow round or straight lines and still add arabesques.

To create contrast, opt for a monochrome design and place a highlighting colour in the frame. Another option is to opt for burnt cement, in order to create the industrial decoration style.

Just take caution of the flattening sensation. Therefore, avoid the contrasting division of materials and colours, if the wall is normal size. If the ceiling is double or high, it is worth placing the boiserie lower to create a intimate and cozy atmosphere.

11. Choose different colours instead of the traditional white

Vibrant colours are a way to escape the traditional and break that air of sobriety that often appears in the use of boiserie. Therefore, choose different shades to create a more provocative, playful or even innovative ambient.

The strong and striking colours create modern and sophisticated ambients. In turn, to leave a classic personality, opt for neutral colours. You can also use modern shades to complement traditional objects.

12. Give the mirrors a distinctive touch

The polystyrene boiserie also serves as a frame for mirrors. This option is valid for both residential and commercial ambients.

It is possible to do something simpler, but you can decorate with mirrors of different sizes and shapes, forming a type of mosaic.

This creates a different look and is ideal for smaller ambients, as it gives a sensation of amplitude. You can also innovate in other ways. It all depends on what you want and the style you want to convey to the ambient.

With all these tips, it becomes easier to apply the boiserie in your decor and use it in creative ways. In addition, this is a way to improve your interior decoration project, making the ambients more beautiful.

See how the polystyrene boiserie can be much more versatile than it looks? And the best part about it is the possibility of contributing to the natural environment, acquiring it in ecological materials, such as those offered by Santa Luzia, to create a sustainable decor!

Interested in our boiserie? Then visit our website. We have an exclusive channel for builders and resellers to buy directly from our factory.

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