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The act of undertaking is generally characterized as something close to “deciding to carry out”, “trying” or “implementing”. In other words, it's risking taking an idea off the paper and putting it into action. An undertaking has its own definition of engineering: literally building a project from scratch under high expectations. Undertakings include complex works and services that require special solutions in construction materials. It is not possible to meet the different variables faced by builders and developers only with product lines that normally reach retail.


To enable undertakings with a perfect, sustainable and very high quality finish, Santa Luzia developed a special line to specifically serve builders and developers. The Engineering Line has more than 50 skirting board and architrave designs. Like the retail lines, the Engineering Line is made up of mouldings that use recycled plastic residues as raw material. The main input is Styrofoam® residues, plastic technically known as expanded polystyrene or simply EPS.

#tip: We have eight wire path skirting boards that hide TV, telephone, fiber optic and internet cables through the slots on the back of the moulding. This choice eliminates the use of channels and the need to intervene on the walls, where conduits are usually passing. There are two surface options (smooth or milled) for each moulding height: 7, 10, 13 and 15 cm. In addition to the default finished and painted in white, ready to install, products, Santa Luzia is able to develop customized solutions such as personlized moulding length and colours. Note: Passing 110 or 220 volt power wires is not recommended!

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In addition to giving a correct destination to a plastic that unfortunately still fills dumps and landfills, the mouldings can be recycled at the end of their useful life, which means that the skirting board applied today can be transformed into a new one in the future, enhancing the undertaking's value, in addition to giving certifications such as the LEED.

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Santa Luzia has teams to assist in the choice of products, quantification and even in the management of residues generated by the application and installation of our products. The portfolio includes mouldings measuring 2.4 meters in length that are resistant to water, mold and to attack by pests such as termites, in addition to being durable.

In addition to finished products in customized colors and heights (from 3 cm to 25 cm) the company offers undertakings the possibility of collecting the installation scraps (remnants of materials, clippings) that before would end up in the common trash.

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Become a Santa Luzia partner in EPS recycling♻ 🌿💚
Contact can be made directly at the factory by calling 48-36511346

WhatsApp (48)99151-5592

CIC - Intelligence Center for the Purchase of Raw Materials

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I'm interested in EPS recycling we are a SMEs in Panama we make frames with
EPS y le we apply polyurea

Hi! Contact can be made directly at the factory through the telephone (48) 3651-1300 or by contact: Vanessa Villalta – Environmental and Sanitary Engineer
National Manager of Recycled Raw Material – Santa Luzia Industry
Contact: 12-98159 0867

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