How does interior decoration add value to the property?

Read this article and understand how interior decoration adds comfort and practicality to projects!
Architect Barbara Paiva; Photographer Renato Elkis Shows.

The impact of an interior decoration project is enormous in the lives of the residents of a property. Rooms become more functional and everyday life becomes more practical. Thus, this tool goes far beyond contemplative aesthetics.

A complete project improves the quality of life for everyone in the household. This is due to the design and positioning of furniture, plants and objects to better organize space flows. Furthermore, when the intention is to sell, the house or apartment becomes much more attractive in the eyes of potential buyers.

Interested in the subject? Read on and discover how interior decoration adds value to a property!

Expand spaces

A planned interior decoration enhances the spaces of a property in a harmonious way. Even if a room is reduced, this decorative strategy gives the impression that the space is wider. This is especially true for apartments, where the footage is usually smaller than for houses.

With techniques of lighting, choice of colors and use of elements such as mirrors is possible expand small spaces. Undoubtedly, with this effect, the property gains in terms of appreciation.

Interior decoration applied to expand the space of a kitchen decorated in a modern style.
Expansion of small spaces with interior decoration — Architect Marina Carvalho.

Property image renewal

A well decorated house or apartment promotes trust in people, both from buyers and brokers. This trust can be awakened from the hall input, whose space must be worked out to make a good initial impression.

In this way, the decoration with nobler coatings and accessories tends to enchant visitors.

Generates perspective of change

The interior decoration project awakens in the buyer the immediate desire to move. This is because the property will be “ready to move in”, which avoids expenses with renovations and works as an invitation for those who are thinking of acquiring a place as a residence. The presence of cabinets in the rooms is an example.

Interior decoration applied in a living room decorated in a classic style.
Elite Design 2018 Show – Architect Fernando Schalm.

Adds personality to the property

When an interior design project is tailored to a property, the place acquires its own personality. That turns the home into a unique space, awakening specific sensations in the residents. 

Thus, with the help of lighting and cozy furniture, the feeling of comfort and even identification is created.

Interior decoration applied in a child's room decorated with geometric shapes.
Children's bedroom decor — Architect Andressa Righeto and Photographer Arlei Cardoso.

How does interior decoration improve the quality of life for residents?

A modern interior design project is not just about creating beautiful spaces. Current decorations must find a balance between comfort, design and functionality. In other words, this decorative strategy must be designed to generate well-being for residents.

In that regard, the house can be cooler depending on its decor, which makes the climate more pleasant. In addition, visitors capture the feeling of more quality of life in a property with planned decoration, making the environment more attractive for a buyer.

In general, a good decoration, without a doubt, is an excellent investment that increases the valuation of any property. The spaces become functional and wider, the quality of life of the residents increases and the house takes on a new appearance.

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