How to set up a children's party room

Saber como montar um salão de festa infantil é um excelente caminho para empreender, mas devemos ter atenção para ofertar diferenciais aos clientes.

Knowing how to set up a children's party room can bring good business opportunities for those who have the ability to organize events. They are places where parents can hold the celebrations, offering a great structure for the guests.

Among the most important points in setting up a successful business is the creation of an attractive space. It is necessary to look for good materials that can be attractive, as well as amenities for those present.

In this content, we have selected some tips for you to set up a children's party room that will win over your customers. Be sure to check them out!

Find a strategic location

Many people look for external events as an alternative, not having parties in their own houses, apartments or in the common areas of their condominiums. Therefore, we always need to think about how to set up a children's party room that will differentiate itself from the mentioned ambients.

Some elements make a difference for the convenience of guests, such as:

  • access;
  • safety;
  • ambient size;
  • services close to the location.

Location is one of the most important factors, as well as investing in parking spaces, which is certainly a solution that will catch the attention of clients.

Make a complete renovation for a grand opening

You won't always find a ready-to-use location. It is important to be aware of large houses, sheds, show houses, old stores and other properties that can be transformed with renovations.

Smooth skirting boards

The polystyrene smooth skirting boards are good options to transform ambients. In addition to mold, moisture and pest resistance, you can make the space elegant, which will match different party themes. After all, events can range from modern subjects like space and superheroes to more classic ones like fairy tales.


The same goes for architraves. Choose models harmonized in proportions and colours with the other finishes, giving preference to the smooth texture.

Decorative mouldings

The decorative mouldings are bars placed in the middle of the walls. They are creative solutions to decorate the ambient, especially with colour variations, in relation to painting. Thus, they can be used to give more personality to the project.

Six wall covering

Also in the line of bringing more creativity to the ambient, you can set up a children's party room with coverings on some walls. With the Six Collection, for example, you can find 6 different colours, and the assembly creates a very beautiful panel with hexagons to highlight the place.

There are several alternatives to combine colours and sensations. Black can be used to make the place more sophisticated. White goes well with various children's party themes. And brown is great to make the ambient cozier.

NEO Collection

You can also use the finishes from the NEO Collection. In it, there are inverted skirting boards, which can be lit with an LED kit. It is a great option to bring differentials to the party room, with the light from the bottom to the top or making the appearance of suspended walls.

Pay attention to essential areas

A complete structure is a differential to set up a children's party room that will draw the public's attention. As essential areas, we can mention the following:

  • kitchen;
  • baby changing room;
  • front desk;
  • women's and men's restrooms.

Pay close attention to the front desk. It is a good place to apply the coverings from the SIX Collection in black, gray and rock colours.

Count on quality suppliers

Choosing the right product suppliers and services is as important as setting up a children's party room. Look for good partners that can offer special conditions to your clients.

Everything you do to make the party more practical will be an advantage over your competitors.

Invest in the promotion of spaces

With the space ready, it is worth developing a good digital marketing strategy . You can, for example, make recordings and tell the story of the entire process of setting up the children's party room.

Visits to locations on lease, renovation, ready-to-use party rooms, experimental events, all of this can be filmed and compose excellent content for dissemination on social media and websites.

You can set up a children's party room with Santa Luzia products!

As said, the renovation is the key point of the project, as we need to adapt the property to the characteristics of the enterprise. The materials mentioned, in addition to other essential products to transform the space, can be found in Santa Luzia's Collections.

By combining amenities with a good design, you will know how to set up an attractive children's party room. This will increase the chances of business success and offer differentials to stand out from your competitors.

Check out Santa Luzia's product lines and collections and create an amazing renovation project for your business!

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