Chair Rails/ Trims: creativity that flows through the walls

Santa Luzia chair rails/ trims for walls are considered the wall paneling of today
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You are well aware that wall baseboards give an ideal finish to the meeting between the floor and walls, while the crowns ensure a harmonious meeting between the ceiling and walls. However, this does not mean that the space between them cannot be filled. There is immense potential in this space and the chair rail/ trim is the perfect ally to let creativity flow through the walls. Widely used in harmonious divisions, the moulding, for a long time, was created from wood and plaster, two unsustainable materials.

Santa Luzia offers an ecological alternative for Chair Rails/ Trims, just as it does for the brand's Wall Baseboards and Door Casings, which are manufactured from the recycling of plastic residues such as Styrofoam® products, technically known as expanded polystyrene or by the acronym EPS, for instance. The brand's Chair Rails/ Trims leave the factory painted in white or black, resist water and are immune to pests and mold. The 8 foot long bars have heights ranging from 1 9/64", for delicate applications, up to 2 23/64", for prominent demarcations.

Check out a little of what you can do with our Chair Rails/ Trims


Divide surfaces with different wall coverings, finishes and even help to create panels

Wall Paneling

 Design of classic origin, it left the palatial walls to gain space, including in youthful and contemporary projects, taking advantage of the surface development to give dynamism to the applications, leaving colorful and relaxed environments even more alive.


Create different frames, such as the bathroom mirror, for instance


By having more discreet heights than standard wall baseboards and crowns, it is perfectly possible to use chair rails/ trims as both wall baseboards and as door casings. All our door casings can also be used as chair rails/ trims.

Have any creative ideas with our chair rails/ trims? Then feel free to share them with us! Our e-mail to receive photos is

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Technical Data - Polystyrene Mouldings

1. Product and Company Identification

Product: Polystyrene Mouldings
Product type: Painted – 96% Recycled Polystyrene and 4% Virgin Polystyrene, Painted in solvent-based acrylic paint.
Company: Santa Luzia
Address: Rua Heriberto Effting, 555 – Bairro Santa Luzia, 88750-000 – Braço do Norte – SC - Brazil

2. Product Features/ Characteristics

2.1. Thermal Expansion
Thermal expansion is a specific characteristic of materials, that is, they all undergo dimensional changes as a result of temperature variation. This variation is different for each material, but it is always existant. Therefore, we can calculate this variation for each temperature difference as a function of product length.
Santa Luzia polystyrene products have a characteristic thermal expansion of 0.15% for a temperature variation of 77 °F.

2.2. Water absorption
The evaluation of water absorption of Santa Luzia products was made by varying the weight and dimensions of the product after immersion in water for 24 hours. The variation in the weight of the products was (0.91 ± 0.11)% (ASTM D 570 -98). This variation does not change the characteristics of the product. With respect to dimensional variation, this does not occur as a function of water absorption.

2.3. Flammability
The products have the characteristic of spreading flame. The average flame surface propagation index (IP) achieved by the material was 432, corresponding to class E of the test method (NBR 9442).

2.4. Exposure to Coastal Environments
Santa Luzia polystyrene products do not present any type of alteration when exposed to coastal environment conditions, in other words, they are indicated for use in these places.
2.5. Resistance to Cleaning Products
The indicated cleaning products are: neutral detergent, diluted bleach (above 50% diluted in water) and ethyl alcohol. The application must be done in such a way as not to allow these products to be in direct contact for a time longer than 10 minutes.
The cleaning of the products must be done with the aid of a soft cloth or sponge.
Note: The tests carried out for the preparation of the technical sheet were carried out on painted mouldings. If other types of paint are applied, the manufacturer's recommendations must be observed.
2.6. Pest Resistance
Pests such as termites, borers and other insects do not feed on this product.

2.7. Application Environment
The products are not suitable for use in environments where there is direct incidence of solar radiation, as it can cause changes to it, more so due to its paint.
This product can be used in damp environments, as it does not change when exposed to moisture, as shown in item 2.2.
The application of these products is indicated for environments with a temperature below 122 °F, remembering that any temperature variation will subject the products to thermal expansion as shown in item 2.1 of this document.

3. Finishing and Applying Paint
Line mouldings are painted with solvent-based acrylic paint from factory.
If you want to change the color of the moulding, that is, repaint, it is suggested to follow the guidelines described below:
a) It is suggested that the paint used for re-painting the products is the same used for the openings, in order to minimize possible variations in tone.
b) The use of sandpaper or any other procedure that removes the paint from the original profile is prohibited, as the quality of the repainting may be compromised.
c) The product is prepared to receive acrylic, polyurethane and synthetic solvent-based paint. The performance of the same paint can differ from manufacturer to manufacturer and each type of finishing paint has a specific performance. For more information, contact the manufacturer of the paint to be used.
It is important to emphasize that the performance of the new finish will depend on the quality of the paint and the application, and the manufacturer's specifications must be considered.

4. Presentation, Packaging and Storage
The products are presented in bars measuring 8 feet in length, packed with shrink-wrapped plastic in cardboard boxes. Each package contains the product reference and installation instructions.
Storage can be done both vertically and horizontally, as long as it does not cause the mouldings to spread.
Note: Mouldings with special lengths can be made in accordance with the Sales Policy, and the type of packaging can also be negotiated on a case-by-case basis.

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Become a Santa Luzia partner in EPS and PU recycling

If you are interested in inviting Santa Luzia to events that promote sustainability and residue circular economy, count on us! We also form partnerships with companies that generate waste, providing information, training and support. Contact can be made directly at the factory via telephone (48) 3651-1300 or by contacting: Vanessa Villalta – Environmental and Sanitary Engineer, National Manager of Recycled Raw Material – Santa Luzia
Contact: 55 12- 98159 0867 

Vanessa Villalta – Environmental Engineer and Sanitationist / National Recycled Raw Material Manager – Santa Luzia
Contact: 12- 98159 0867

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where can I find “roadroads” here in Manaus, Am?

Hello. Sorry for the delay in returning, we were on collective vacation. Our sales team can help you on 0300 1451300.

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I'm in the finishing phase of a work.
In the bathrooms tiles were installed on 1/2 wall.
I intend to finish these tiles with “Medium Wheel”.
I ask which product in your line is the most suitable?
Awaiting return

Hello Roberto. We do not understand your questions regarding finishing the tiles. You could contact our team on 0300 1451300. Our sales assistants will help to answer all your questions ok.

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Hello, good afternoon, I'm Daniel de Brusque SC. I work with furniture and we do work with boiserie. Can I purchase materials directly from you? I have MEI registration. Thank you very much in advance.

Att/ Daniel (47) 991096216

Hello 😃, we appreciate your interest in our products. For commercial information call 0300 1451300 or access: .
🤝Our team will help to answer all your questions 😉.

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