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The basics of Santa Luzia's wall baseboards

Find the main answers for questions about cutting, fixing, installing and preserving our products here, on our Blog.

With Santa Luzia's wall baseboards in hand, it is common that some doubts arise in the handling and application of the products. There's nothing wrong with this – having doubts is absolutely normal, and solving them is always the best way to guarantee a perfect finish to environments. First of all, it is important to emphasize that Santa Luzia does not work or offer product installation services, in other words, the choice of the professional installer is made by the consumer.

Doubts? Illustration: Designed by Alekksall/Freepik

After defining the service provider, pay attention to cutting the wall baseboards. The best choice is the 10- or 12-inch “telescopic” miter miter saw. This model is capable of cutting all our mouldings between widths of 1 3/16" up to 9 13/16". Although compatible with blades with a smaller number of teeth, we recommend using the one with 96 teeth (the same one used to cut wood). To prevent the baseboards from melting when cutting them, remember that the cut cannot be performed too slowly and that the saw must be properly sharpened. The saw heats up from the friction between the saw and the wall baseboard, which will subsequently melt the cut spot. Below is a photo that shows the other accessories needed to facilitate installation.

Accessories for installation.

Like cutting, painting is a very important and sensitive point with wall baseboards. Some Santa Luzia lines and collections arrive on the market with finishes that do not require painting – the case of the Black, Metallic, Natural, Wood, Oxi, lines Inova Uber and Colors collections. The other collections and lines, such as Inova, Refit Wall, Classic and Modern, are products painted in white from factory and can be painted. White painted wall baseboards, crowns, door casings and chair rail/ trims do not need to be sanded when customizing with solvent-based paints. When preferring to use water-based paints, it is suggested to lightly sand (Sandpaper 800) beforehand to matte only the gloss of the products to promote better adhesion between the product and the water-based paint. We recommend the use of solvent-based paints such as PU, enamel, acrylic, automotive and primer. This will ensure greater resistance and durability to the surface of the products.

Black Collection
Black Collection
Wood Collection
Wood Collection
Metallic Collection
Metallic Collection
Oxi Collection
Oxi Collection
Modern Line
Modern Line
Classic Line
Classic Line

The recommended installation for wall baseboards, crowns, chair rail/ trims and door casings is fixing them with Santa Luzia super adhesive. T-brackets every 40 cm or Santa Luzia double-sided tape help to fix the pieces until the adhesive dries completely. The glue must be distributed in two parallel lines from the beginning to the end of the moulding piece, contemplating the upper and lower part of the bar.

Banner Accessories 2020
Santa Luzia T brackets
Santa Luzia T brackets
Santa Luzia Super Adhesive
Santa Luzia Super Adhesive
Four options of Santa Luzia Glue
Four options of Santa Luzia Glue
Santa Luzia Double-Sided Tape
Santa Luzia Double-Sided Tape
Santa Luzia Premium Caulk
Santa Luzia Premium Caulk
Santa Luzia Sealant 14 oz
Santa Luzia Sealant 14 oz

To finish the seams, we recommend the use of Santa Luzia Premium Caulk. If appropriate colors are not available from the reseller where you purchased your wall baseboards, we suggest white water-based silicone or acrylic caulk. Avoid the yellowing of white silicone by painting the caulk along with wall baseboards. For an even more delicate finish. We also offer center , top , outer and inner corner terminals to hide cuts and splices. Learn more about them here .

Transition Terminal
Transition Terminal
Corner Base Block
Corner Base Block
Outside Corner Moulding
Outside Corner Moulding
Inside Corner Moulding
Inside Corner Moulding

The technical advantages of using the Santa Luzia baseboards are many. Cleaning, for example, is quite simple using a damp cloth and neutral detergent. The raw material is manufactured from recyclable waste such as Styrofoam® (EPS) and Plastic (PS), thus being sustainable. The product is resistant to corrosion and immune to pests, a considerable advantage over wood or MDF models. In addition, its durability exceeds 100 years and it's mold and water/ humidity proof.

Below are the installation videos for masonry walls and other surfaces.

See the most frequently asked questions that customers ask us:

1- Does Santa Luzia have employed, accredited or authorized installers?

R) No. Santa Luzia does not have employed, accredited or authorized installers. The choice of the professional is made by the consumer.

2- The installer said he is authorized/accredited by Santa Luzia. Does this information proceed? What should I do?

R) Santa Luzia does not have an employed, accredited and/or authorized installer.

3- Which saw is suitable for cutting Santa Luzia wall baseboards?

A) The best option is the 12 inch electric miter saw. With it, it's possible to cut all our wall baseboards between widths of 1 3/16" up to 9 13/16".

4- When cutting, the baseboards are melting. Why?

A) This could be for two reasons: either because the cut was performed too slowly or because the saw was not sharpened properly. Our baseboards must be cut quickly and accurately. The friction time of the blade with the product must be as short as possible and the saw must be well sharpened.

5- What is the ideal blade to cut wall baseboards?

R) We indicate the same blade used to cut wood, with 96 teeth, which allows greater durability in sharpening. Blades with a smaller number of teeth can also be used.

6- Can I use a manual saw such as a hand saw?

A) We do not recommend the use of hand saws. That's because our baseboards must be cut quickly. We recommend using a machine with a fixed base, which allows for more assertiveness and speed – and, therefore, capable of guaranteeing a better finish and safety.

7- Do I need to paint the baseboard?

A) Before anything else, it is important to check which wall baseboard line or collection you have purchased. Consult the product manufacturer. Some Santa Luzia wall baseboard lines and collections arrive on the market with special finishes. This is the case of the Black, Metallic, Natural, Wood, Oxi, Colors and Inova Uber collections, they must not be painted. The wall baseboards from of the other lines and collections, such as Inova, Wall Refit, Classic and Modern, are products painted white from factory. If you prefer to leave the wall baseboard with the final factory finish, no problem. Learn more about painting wall baseboards here .

8- Do the white Santa Luzia wall baseboards need to be sanded before painting?

A) It depends! Painted white, wall baseboards, crowns, door casings and chair rail/ trims do not need to be sanded if the customer wants to customize it with solvent-based paint. However, if you prefer water-based paint, we recommend a pre-sanded (Sandpaper 800) to matte the shine of the product.

9- What are the paints suggested to apply on baseboards and door casings?

R) We recommend the use of solvent-based paints, as they have greater resistance and durability on the surface of products, such as PU, Enamel, Acrylic, Automotive and Primer paints. However, the product accepts water-based enamel paint.

10- How should I clean the wall baseboard?

R) Cleaning must be done with a damp cloth and neutral detergent.

11- My installer left an excess of Super Adhesive or Glue and did not remove it right away. The product has dried. What can I do?

R) The ideal is to clean right after application. If this is not done, you can try to eliminate the excesses with a water sandpaper, being careful not to damage the baseboard's base paint.

12- Which putty can be used to finish the seams?

R) In addition to Premium Putty and Santa Luzia Caulker , you can use white water-based silicone, Renner acrylic filler type and Resicolor hole plug. If using white water-based silicone, paint the caulk along with the rodapés to avoid yellowing.

13- My baseboard is cracking at the seams. What could be happening?

R) Climatic factors, especially thermal changes, can cause baseboards to expand or shrink. Another factor may be the work as a whole, which may change over time. If this happens, the solution would be to re-caulk the seams.

14- What is the recommended method for installing Santa Luzia wall baseboards, crowns, chair rail/ trims and door casings?

R) We recommend that the installation is done with Santa Luzia Super Adhesive and Santa Luzia T Brackets or double sided tape at every 40 cm. Two lines of glue are needed from the beginning to the end of the bar, one at the top and one at the bottom of the bar.

15- Can I use other types of installation?

R) The factory's recommendation is that the process be carried out according to the manufacturer's installation manual. However, our products accept the application of clamp, nail, glue, 100% pure silicone, contact glue, screws, among other fastening elements. See Santa Luzia's warranty terms before installing your product outside the factory recommendations.

16- What is the recommended glue for installation?

R) We recommend the Santa Luzia Super adhesive and glue. If you can't find it in your city, we suggest PL500, PL600 and 100% pure silicone. Some of these glues are water-based and cannot be used on glass, damp surfaces, ceramic coverings or walls that do not absorb water.

17- Can the wall baseboards be installed only with the T-bucket or the double-sided Santa Luzia tape?

A) No. The function of the bracket and double-sided tape is to fix the wall baseboard until the glue/ adhesive dries completely. Over time, the baseboard without Glue or Santa Luzia Super Adhesive may come off the wall.

18- Can it be installed with only Santa Luzia glue or Santa Luzia Super Adhesive?

R) Yes. As long as there are no imperfections on the wall as well as irregularities that could cause the profile to detach before and after the glue cures. If the fixation bracket is not used, it is recommended to use a shield to press the profile during the drying of the Santa Luzia glue. Santa Luzia Double-sided tape is recommended.

19- When can I use plinth blocks and rosettes?

R) Plinth blocks and rosettes are often used when the wall baseboard is larger than the door casing, or when the profiles used are of different thicknesses. But there is no rule for this. You can use it whenever you want.

20- What is the recommended procedure for installation on drywall and plasterboard type walls?

R) On plasterboard and drywall walls, it is recommended to use Santa Luzia double-sided tape and super adhesive. In these cases, do not apply “T” brackets .

21- What is the recommended procedure for installation on laminated and glass walls?

R) On laminated or glass walls it is recommended to use Santa Luzia double-sided tape and super adhesive. The “T” brackets should not be applied.

logo Santa Luzia 02

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Elexandre Padoan

Hello to put baseboard on plasterboard wall only with glue is enough, thank you!

Hello Elexandre. For this type of surface, we recommend the use of double-sided Santa Luzia tape together with the use of super adherent Santa Luzia adhesive. Here's better information: https://www.industriasantaluzia.com.br/blog/o-be-a-ba-dos-rodapes-da-santa-luzia-2/

Amanda Torneiro

Good Morning!

I put the baseboards two years ago and soon after, the finish started to sag and get holes between the baseboard and the wall. In this case, can I reuse the same baseboards for replacement, or do I need new ones so that they are well glued to the wall?


Helo! This rarely happens when the site or surface works overtime or when installation has not followed factory recommendations. In case the crack is appearing and the product is not unstuck, you can just caulk it again! He follows https://www.industriasantaluzia.com.br/blog/o-be-a-ba-dos-rodapes-da-santa-luzia-2/

Hi. I've installed the wheel drive but I'm going to need to mess with the design of the boiserie. Can you take and use the same bar?

Helo! If it has been properly fixed according to the factory recommendations, it will be very difficult to remove it without damaging it. But you can do it. But we don't have a recommendation for this.

Good afternoon, I'd like to put on the garage's skirting board, but we usually hose it down. Can baseboards have this contact with water?

Helo! First, we would like to thank you for your interest in our products. Yes our products have no problem if you wash it. Our main recommendation for the installation to be done with our super adhesive Santa Luzia and to follow the factory recommendations. Follow the link that will answer your questions: https://www.industriasantaluzia.com.br/blog/duvidas-na-hora-de-escolher-a-melhor-forma-de-instalar-os-perfis-de-poliestireno/
Marketing Santa Luzia

After application of wheeling, there was a lot of excess glue on the wall. Is there any product that can be used to remove this glue?

The correct mistake is to have removed the excess glue at the same time of application and used a damp cloth for cleaning and final finishing of the installation. Just scrape it off to remove this residue! We do not recommend applying chemical products to remove excess glue, as this can damage the product and its wall.
Santa Luzia

Silvana Albuquerque

I'm changing the floor and the Santa Luzia baseboard already exists. Will I be able to tear off the baseboard, change the floor and then put it on?

Helo! If it has been properly installed as per factory recommendations, it will be difficult to remove without damaging the skirting boards. But you can do it. But we don't have a recommendation for this.

Edilson Alves

Good night, I need to install 54 meters of Santa Luzia skirting boards (23 pieces), it will be in masonry walls and my mason wants to use only Santa Luzia glue, I will add the use of double-sided tape.

Could you please suggest me how much glue is recommended for the above measurements?

Thank you in advance for your attention.


Edilson Alves

Adriano Greick Camargo

Good Morning. The mild silicone ends up yellowing over time and darkens as well, leaving an ugly, dirty, moldy appearance. What would be another product option for me to replace this silicone with a better quality one and that doesn't happen?

Hello Adrian. We have the Santa Luzia caulk at your disposal! We suggest you take the test to see if it meets your needs. Follow the link https://www.industriasantaluzia.com.br/blog/duvidas-na-hora-de-escolher-a-melhor-forma-de-instalar-os-perfis-de-poliestireno/

Good evening! I will use Premium Putty for finishing between the seams and the wall. Should I use it in the cracks between the baseboard and the porcelain floor?

Hello good day!
Our recommendation is that caulking should be done between the seams and between the walls and baseboards!
At the bottom, it is more the client's option to finish this type of floor mentioned.
Attention! We do not recommend caulking on laminate or vinyl floors because of their expansion and retraction!

Hello good afternoon.
I have a doubt that the baseboard should be installed on the masonry wall after painting it or before?
The model I chose is the 456 RP|BR.

Helo! We suggest installing it after painting the wall in order to avoid placing tapes and glued on the product finish and not to suffer aggressions such as knocks and paint splashes.

José Paranhos

hello how to slate Santa Luzia on curved walls, do you have an instructional video?

Hi Jose how are you? We don't really have a procedure for this type of installation. However we know that some companies do this type of procedure in our products.

Good Morning.

can I use the trim as a baseboard?

Helo! Yes sure. It's the same, just without the frieze at the bottom! Follow other tips https://www.industriasantaluzia.com.br/blog/o-be-a-ba-dos-rodapes-da-santa-luzia-2/

Carlos Daniel

Good afternoon.

Could you please explain to me the difference between Modern and Engineering EPS footer lines?

The only difference I identify between the two is that the interior is white (Modern) and the other black (EPS engineering). Other than that, what else is there of technical difference? What are the advantages and disadvantages of each?

Thanks in advance.

Hello Carlos! The only difference is that the engineering line is only sold to builders and developers.

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