Santa Luzia offers classic and ecological finishing for ceilings

Eco-friendly crowns can replace traditional plaster mouldings
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When building or renovating, we dedicate a considerable amount of time to pay attention to the details of each environment, where colors, wall coverings and furniture must be in proper harmony. Although discreet at first glance, the ceiling finish is as important as the walls and floor in decoration, as its color, for instance, can change our perception of the space's spaciousness and illumination. The ceiling can be a 'wild card' for decor when used to complement or even reinforce the style chosen for the environment. Adopted for centuries to decorate interiors, the classic elements rescue the palatial elegance with hints of art deco and represent today the main influence in the decoration of the ceilings.

One of the most famous elements is the crown moulding, the 'uspide down wall baseboard'. Traditionally made of plaster, the mouldings require specialization in handling and applying the material, which is not always practical and clean. Santa Luzia offers a sustainable alternative by providing six ecological and ready to install crown models, following the design already offered on wall baseboards, chair rails/ trims and door casings.

Manufactured from the recycling of Styrofoam® residues, the mouldings are recyclable, resistant to pests such as termites and are immune to mold. The parts leave the factory painted with white acrylic solvent-based paint. If repainting is necessary, the mouldings are prepared to receive acrylic, polyurethane and synthetic solvent-based paint. Caution: do not sand the parts to the point of removing the factory paint, which could compromise the overcoat finish. See other images:


All of our door casings can also be used as chair rails/ trims, crowns and wall baseboards!

Likewise, all of our wall baseboards can be used as crowns!

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Pay attention to factory recommendations!

For the crown installation, we recommend using the following accessories:

  • Installation on masonry walls: It is recommended to use Santa Luzia Glue plus the Santa Luzia T Bracket. Note: for apartments that do not accept holes in the walls, we suggest using the Santa Luzia Double-Sided Tape instead of the Santa Luzia T Bracket.
  • Installation on other surfaces: It is recommended to use  Santa Luzia Super Adhesive plus Santa Luzia Double-Sided Tape. 

Important: To finalize the finishing on the seams, it is recommended to use Santa Luzia Premium Caulk in a color similar to the chosen finish.

Tip on supply yields!
  • Santa Luzia Glue: excellent adhesion to masonry walls and Santa Luzia's polystyrene products. Recommended for indoor areas. A 14 oz tube can yield up to three 8 ft bars, totaling 24 linear feet of crown moulding with widths between 2 ³/₄" to 5 7/8". 35 oz or 176 oz glue pots can yield up to approximately 39' 4 7/16" or 45' 11 3/16" linear feet per 35 oz. Applied with a spatula for mouldings from 2 ³/₄" to 5 7/8".


  • Santa Luzia Super Adhesive:  has excellent adhesion to common glass, aluminum, tile, ceramic, MDF, Santa Luzia polystyrene wall baseboards and Santa Luzia polyurethane wall coverings. Recommended for indoor and outdoor areas. Its average yield from a tube is for three bars of 8 feet, totaling 24 linear feet for mouldings from 2 ³/₄" to 5 7/8" in height.


  • Santa Luzia T BracketIdeal for initial anchoring of products indoors. It is recommended to use 6 Santa Luzia T Brackets per 8 feet bar. The recommended distance between the brackets is 15 ³/₄" in the longitudinal direction of the moulding.


  • Santa Luzia Double-Sided Tape:  Ideal for initial anchoring of products indoor. The average yield of tape per bar is 14 1/8" for pieces of 1 1/8" of tape every 15 3/4" in the longitudinal direction of the moulding. Important: It is recommended to use six pieces of tape at the top and six pieces at the bottom of wall baseboards or door casings with a width greater than 1 2/8".


  • Santa Luzia Premium Caulk: Ideal for finishing wall baseboards, chair rails/ trims, crowns and door casings. Note:  The average yield of Santa Luzia Premium Caulk “3 oz” is up to 100 linear feet for a crack of up to 1/32".


Attention! Yields can decrease according to surface imperfection!

New: Santa Luzia Sealant

  • Ideal for finishing Santa Luzia's wall baseboards, chair rails/ trims, crowns and door casings. Also suggested for sealing around window frames, windows, other wall baseboards, door casings and furniture finishes. Adheres to wood, MDF, plywood, concrete, plaster, drywall, stone and masonry. The average performance yield of Santa Luzia's Sealant is up to 165 linear feet for a crack of up to 1/8". This yield can decrease depending on the imperfection of the surface.

Attention: it is recommended testing before use for any products other than those offered by Santa Luzia!

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