Santa Luzia launches the Door Casing Pro Pack in the right measure

Solution avoids waste and speeds up the application of door casings
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Minimizing and even eliminating waste is one of the most important premises for the preservation of natural resources and the viability of the planet in the coming years.

The example of food waste, be it what was left on the consumer's table or what was spoiled in the supermarket, stands out as millions of people around the world suffer from hunger.

Another very impactful waste is construction materials, as in addition to occupying a lot of space, leftovers and cutouts are not always disposed of correctly, reducing the chances of reutilization.

The high volume of waste, whichever the field of activity, is due to a linear narrative where the products necessarily need to have a beginning, middle and end, that is, they are developed to be used and discarded.

Include circular premises when designing new products help create solutions that minimize waste and environmental impact even before it hits the shelves.

This is the case of Santa Luzia'sDoor Casing Pro Pack, developed to decrease the generation of waste with door casings when creating frames on indoor doors/portals.

Linear Economy Infographic
circular economy infographic
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Each door casing leaves the factory as an 8 feet long bar by default. To frame both sides of a conventional door, however, you'll need four 7' 2 39/64" bars for the lateral sides and two 3' 7 5/16" bars for the top of the door/ doorways. Just to create the seamless frames, you would waste 31 1/2" on the sides and 23 5/8" on the top, totaling a waste of 4' 7 1/8" on a single door that could have been avoided.

Set image of the 456 trim kit
Set image of the 446 trim kit
Set image of the 456 trim kit

Avoiding waste, the Door Casing Pro Pack provides two mouldings for the sides and one for top already finished in the measurements of different door patterns, so you can just concentrate on the installation. To frame the two sides of a door, for example, you will need two door casing pro packs, installing the bars with the Santa Luzia Super Adhesive and Santa Luzia Double-Sided Tape, finishing the installation with the >Premium Caulk or the Santa Luzia Sealant.

A door casing pro pack is composed of: 2 bars of 7' 2 39/64" + 1 bar of 3' 7 5/16" + 14 T brackets and nails and 1 1 31/32" template.

Even though it is possible to find an application for this volume of scraps, much of it can end up in the garbage trucks and not return to the factory to be recycled. All of Santa Luzia's mouldings are made of recycled material and are recyclable, they are also water resistant, do not mold, rot and they are immune to pests, such as termites. The company uses expanded polystyrene residues as its main raw material, a type of plastic known by the acronym EPS or popularly by the brand Styrofoam®.

Santa Luzia door casing pro pack accessory yields

Use on indoor walls!

  • Santa Luzia Super Adhesive:  has excellent adhesion to common glass, aluminum, tile, ceramic, fiberglass, MDF, Santa Luzia polystyrene wall baseboards and Santa Luzia polyurethane wall coverings. Recommended for indoor and outdoor areas. Once cured, it can be painted. Its average tube yield for a door casing pro pack totaling 18 linear feet. Not included in the Kit! Sold separately.

————–/ /————-

  • Santa Luzia T Bracket: Ideal for anchoring and aligning door casings. It is recommended to use 14 T brackets with nails. The recommended distance between the T Brackets is 15 3/4" in the longitudinal direction of the bar. T Brackets and Nails are already included in the Kit.


  • Santa Luzia Double-Sided Tape: Ideal for initial anchoring of products in indoor environments. The average yield of the tape per door casing pro pack is 31 1/2" for 1 3/16" pieces of tape every 15 3/4", in the longitudinal direction of the bar. Important: We recommend using 5 pieces of tape at the top and 5 pieces at the bottom of door casings. Available in 6 and 32 feet rolls.Not included in the Kit! Sold separately.

————–/ /————-

  • Santa Luzia White Premium Caulk for final finish. Average yield of Santa Luzia Premium Pasta "90 grams is up to 30 meters linear for a slit of up to 1mm. 
  • Santa Luzia Premium White Caulk for final finishing. Average yield of Santa Luzia Premium Caulk“12 oz  is up to 370 linear feet for a crack of up to 3/64". Not included in the Kit! Sold separately.


  • Santa Luzia Sealant: Ideal for finishing Santa Luzia wall baseboards, chair rails/ trims, crowns and door casings. Also suggested for sealing around window frames, windows, other wall baseboards, door casings and furniture finishes. Adheres to wood, MDF, plywood, concrete, plaster, drywall, stone and masonry. Note:  The average yield of the Santa Luzia Sealant is up to 72 linear feet for a gap of up to 1/8".Not included in the Kit! Sold separately.

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Reverse logistics
Reverse logistics
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Become a Santa Luzia partner in EPS recycling♻ 🌿💚
Contact can be made directly at the factory by calling 48-36511346

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how do i buy directly, in stores here in sao luis it's very expensive

Hello 😃, we appreciate your interest in our products. For commercial information call 0300 1451300 or access: .
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