Pet-friendly project: how to adapt environments to the presence of animals?

Pet-friendly project at home

Does your company align developing projects with the pet-friendly concept? In recent years, animal care has shown growth — for example, the pet market has seen an increase of around 20% in 2020*. This is a result of the actions of the owners, who are increasingly concerned about the well-being of their pets.

The reason is simple: pets are part of families and can provide numerous benefits to the family setting. Therefore, environments need to be suitable so that animals can live in comfort, while the property and furniture are protected.

Want to know how this is possible? Then stay with us and check out the top tips to create a pet-friendly project!

Create areas suited to the pets' needs

To get started, you need to assess what the pets'needs are to ensure that the project has adequate spaces for them. For example, in a house with a dog, it is common for a backyard to be needed. With cats, hammocks are usually important and walls can be designed to prevent escapes.

Also, you need to consider where the pet will sleep — each owner has a routine about the spaces where the animal must stay. Another essential point is the circulation of air in the environments, which will have two essential purposes for the well-being of the animal and the family.

The first is to avoid discomfort or excess heat for the pet, which can arise from lack of ventilation, for instance. The second is to help deal with odors that tend to appear over time, especially between bathing dates or cleaning spaces where the pets do their necessities.

Finally, check if it is necessary to do sound insulation. In some cases, reinforcing this concept in the project can be important to avoid complaints from neighbors and bring less worries to the owners.

Facilitate the movement of the animal in the environments

It is also interesting to think about the movement of the animal through the property — always according to customer requests. For example, when the pet can access the house normally, but does its does its necessities in the yard, it is worth thinking about ways to allow access to them at any time from one environment to the other.

Pet-friendly decoration project for those who love animals. We have a beagle dog on a couch, with pillows and toys.

There are pet passage models that can be included in the doors without harming the design of the environment or the pets' safety. In apartments with a balcony, the tip can also be adapted. This practice even helps to prevent the animal from being isolated or confined for long periods, especially when the tutors are not at home.

Count on finishes that provide greater protection

In addition to focusing on the development of the structure and an accessible decorative project, it is necessary to pay attention to the finishes used. Those who have pets have specific demands that arise due to the pets' routine. In this case, it is worth focusing on materials that:

  • are easy to clean and maintain;
  • deal well with moisture, do not warp and do not mold;
  • have resistance to scratches;
  • have a light texture that helps prevent slipping.

Considering the risks related to the urine of pets outside the places taught by the tutors, it is also important to evaluate the absorption of the wall cvoerings and mouldings. Ideally, they should not be able to absorb liquids to avoid the long-term bad odor in the environment.

Regarding furniture, there are also tips that can be adopted in an interior project. For example, in pieces that have fabrics, such as sofas, give preference for waterproof alternatives, which are easy to clean and avoid stains. In addition, fragile objects must be out of reach of pets.

Have a quality supplier

To facilitate the adoption of other practices, it is worth paying attention to the differentials of the supplier and its products. At Santa Luzia, you will find alternatives with sustainable and versatile features, with several options that can suit the needs of a pet-friendly project.

And that's that! Although it may seem challenging to think of different projects to receive pets, this is an important practice for construction companies. Therefore, it is worth following these tips and being able to adopt a pet-friendly attitude when serving your customers.

How about putting these tips into practice? Access our website and see how Santa Luzia can assist in the execution of your projects with high quality products!


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