Does your home suffer from high moisture content? See how to resolve the situation

Having a high-moisture wall at home is a very common problem. However, it needs to be addressed as soon as possible. Otherwise, it can become even more of a nuisance to you and your family.

In addition to ruining your property, the high moisture content damages the health of residents.

But is it really possible to resolve this issue? The answer is yes! Just relax and and take the opportunity to read this article, which has all the tips you need!

Why does your home have high moisture content?

Before understanding how to get moisture out of the house, you need to find out what is causing this inconvenience. The main factors are:

Excess rain

Normally, climatic events, such as excessive rainfall, are largely responsible for the moisture content in a home. In an already fragile structure, it is possible for infiltrations to occur that increase the problem.

Unfinished projects

If a construction work has not yet been completed or is not properly protected from the actions of weather and time, humidity is also a consequence. It is easily accommodated in materials such as wood, for instance.


In addition to the geographic location, the point where the house is built can also cause this problem. Some soils naturally contain more water, others accumulate the water that comes from the rain, causing leaks in the internal regions of the construction.

What are the main consequences of this problem?

Now, learn a little more about the consequences of high moisture content. This step is important for you to understand exactly how to spot signs of this problem at home.

Appearance of spots

Stains are a common feature on moldy walls and furniture. Painting again doesn't always do the trick and solve this issue.


Many pests and small insects love damp places. And this place can be in the corner of your living room or inside your closet. Exterminating a pest will be an even longer and more complex process.

Compromise of the structure

The damp wall begins to peel and crack from excess moisture. This causes a great compromise of the structure, in aesthetic and security issues. Often, only an elaborate renovation can take care of the repair.

Bad smell

The moldy odor is recognizable anywhere. In addition to causing discomfort, it brings breathing problems for you and your family.

How to get the humidity out of the house and solve the problem for good?

Yes, it is possible to get rid of the humidity once and for all. With the following tips, the results are usually very satisfying. Check them out!

Choose moisture resistant products

Invest in sustainable and good quality products and building materials. Those of dubious origin tend to favor the moisture content, especially in structures that are constantly exposed.

Take advantage of natural light and fresh air

Make the most of the natural light and fresh air. Analyze the best times of the day and open your windows for the air to circulate. If you can, open cabinet and furniture doors as well.

Do constant cleaning

Property cleaning should always be done frequently. Even though a heavier procedure is only performed occasionally, maintaining discipline helps to make everything drier and more organized.

Pay attention to your furniture

Often, the wall with moisture is the result of furniture leaning or too close to them. Therefore, the suggestion is to keep them a little further apart. Also opt, when possible, for more open furniture and without doors.

Consult a specialist in more severe cases

Finally, if none of these suggestions are enough for you to eliminate moisture from your home, consult an expert. He will be able to assess the damage and recommend the right products so you don't have too much damage.

And with that, now that you have learned how to remove moisture from the house, you can apply these tips in practice and enjoy a clean, airy, aesthetically pleasing room with nothing that can negatively interfere with your health.

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