Minimalist decor: a guide to apply it to your projects

Living room with minimalist decor, plants, rug and other items.
Living room

The minimalist decor style is ideal for those who are looking for a composition without excesses and that is comfortable, simple and elegant. Thus, the spaces and elements that are part of it are thought to be functional.

Even more than a decoration, the minimalist ends up becoming a lifestyle for the person. Everything will be spacious, clean and organized.

To understand how to apply the style to your decoration projects, continue reading and check out this handy guide on implementing minimalism!

What is the origin of minimalist decor?

The minimalist style emerged in the Post-Second World War period, around the late 1950s. It is closely linked to the scarcity scenario, and the need for a life based on living with as little consumption as possible.

The word itself comes from the expression “Minimal Art“. At the time, this artistic style was opposed to abstract and subjective. And its influence was seen in several areas, such as music, literature and architecture, always presenting simpler and more functional forms.

“Less is more” — Ludwig Mies van der Rohe (1886-1969).

The phrase of the German architect Ludwig Mies, still today synthesizes the movement. In decoration, among its main features, we find some key elements:

  • simplicity;
  • functionality;
  • amplitude of spaces;
  • organization;
  • cleaning.

When, on the first impression, we have the feeling of a large, functional and “clean" environment, we are in front of a minimalist decor.

How to apply the concept to projects?

Minimalist decoration projects are the result of planning and decisions based on the characteristics of the style. In general, although they do not lose the pleasant aesthetics, we renounce several decorative elements in favor of functionality.

Double bedroom with minimalist decor.
Loft room with minimalist decor.

Apply "less is more"

A minimalist project plan ends when there is nothing left to take away. There are few decoration elements, and often the appliances, furniture, utensils and objects of daily use fulfill this role.

Use straight lines

Minimalist decor applies simpler geometric shapes, prioritizing straight lines. It is a criterion that affects the choice of all furniture and the few elements that will be part of the scenario. The other forms are not prohibited, such as mirrors and circular tables, but they cannot predominate in the environment.

Symmetrically distribute the elements in the space

Furniture, appliances and other objects are always placed further apart than in other styles, giving the impression of spaciousness. Also, each element has its place, which will organize the environment. Finally, suspended objects or objects with hidden support accentuate the sensations desired by the style.

Take advantage of natural lighting

The functionality of minimalist decor is also applicable to the use of natural light. Along with the placement of light inlets, wide windows and translucent curtains contribute to bringing this element into the room. However, the bedroom can be an exception, bringing darker blackouts , due to the influence on the sleep of the residents.

Armchair in a minimalist-decorated setting, with plant, books & a coffee table.

Place mirrors at strategic locations

In some rooms, it is worth using mirrors to give the impression of a more extensive environment. A positioning that can reflect a large part or all of the environment, as well as favoring the use of natural lighting, is ideal.

Choose simple colors

The feeling of spaciousness and simplicity starts with the application of white as the base color of the room (or a color with a similar function). In addition, it is common to use black or a darker tone to generate contrast, for example, having a dark countertop in a light kitchen.

It is also common to bring furniture and objects in pastel, madeira obtained by sustainable means, copper, among other tones. Here is the point of greatest care, as we must look for elements that do not steal attention from the whole for themselves, so as not to break with the characteristics of the style.

A nice tip is to search for videos, photos and mockups about the topic. With the information, it is easier to differentiate the projects and look for the right inspirations for what you intend to accomplish.

The minimalist decor is simple, modern and functional. Logically, the choice depends on understanding the needs and desires of the contractor. After all, it is a topic that involves personal taste and lifestyle. However, it is always important to have the main trends available to apply according to customer demand.

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