Inverted Footer — What You Need to Know Before Installing

Have you ever heard of an inverted footer? Understand what this type of baseboard is, see how it conveys the floating sensation in the environment and find out how it should be done!

Keeping an eye on architectural news is essential to offer the best alternatives to customers in their projects. Among the coating options and finishes, the inverted baseboard deserves special attention.

This model brings a different proposal to the look of the walls and can add a lot of value to the look. Thus, it is possible to create compositions that delight and surprise customers.

Next, see all about the inverted footer and find out how to use it in the best way!

After all, what is this new thing?

O traditional footer it is installed in a projected way, that is, above the wall, where it meets the floor. With that, it creates a relief in the look. The inverted baseboard, on the other hand, involves a “slit” in the wall and it is fixed in this slot, which guarantees a continuous look, without changes in relief.

O inverted footer comes to transform the logic of using this piece. During construction, the walls receive a small cutout close to the floor to fit the inverted baseboard. Its geometry allows the protection of the lower edges of the walls, avoiding leaving them exposed to everyday aggressions.

Why invest in the inverted footer?

This piece is an excellent choice for compose a modern and very contemporary look for the projects. When the intention is to really differentiate the look, this is a sure bet. This is because the item makes it look like the wall is “floating” as the base is indented.

It is even a great alternative for smaller spaces. This small opening is enough to make the environment gain the feeling of spaciousness. As a result, the result is valued.

Also, it's something that increases project versatility. By not making the connection between wall and floor, does not require specific coating combinations. With this, the project client will be able to change the floor later, if desired, without having to replace the baseboard.

How and when should it be done?

O Inverted baseboard must be installed still in the construction phase. Unlike the traditional model, which can be applied when the wall is already finished, it will be necessary to add the dimensions of the slot according to the installation guide. Therefore, it makes more sense for the use to take place at this point in the project.

It is important that this installation is performed based on a accurate and complete design. The finish has to be perfect so that the look is very interesting, within the proposal of creating something floating.

The adoption of this part can be complemented by the installation of lighting Special. This gives even more emphasis to this constructive detail and also helps to direct the use of spaces.

If so, it can be used in places other than walls. At Masonry stairs are great installation points., as the fluctuating impact will be even greater.

Black winter inverted baseboard from the NEO Santa Luzia collection.
Black Winter skirting — NEO Santa Luzia Collection.

How is the maintenance of this model?

However, before implementing this solution in the project, you need to understand the maintenance needs of the inverted baseboard. Unlike the traditional model, it does not protect the corners and the wall-to-floor junction. This requires greater care with potential impacts.

In addition cleaning should be more frequent. Depending on the environmental conditions and the size of the baseboard, the indentation can accumulate dirt.

On the other hand, as the material is not exposed, it also lasts longer. As seen, changing the floor does not require replacing the inverted baseboard, so its durability is usually longer.

How to choose the best option?

To offer a great interior decoration solution for your customers, it is essential choose a quality inverted footer. So, it all starts with the search for a company that is tuned in to the news and offers such an alternative.

You also need to think about issues such as appearance, durability and materials. In search of more sustainability, the inverted aluminum skirting is an excellent option. It's especially durable and is something with a modern look and lots of possibilities. In that sense, it's worth get to know Santa Luzia products.

THE NEO collection brings different options of metallic finish terminal, with different dimensions and colors. The baseboards also vary in color and, to improve, have space for the installation of LED strips. With this, it is possible to have a quick application, with a great finish and which can be complemented by lighting.

The inverted baseboard is an excellent alternative to create the look of floating walls that open up the space. With the choice of quality pieces, such as the NEO collection by Santa Luzia, the result will be even better.

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