Decor in franchises: see how to create the perfect project

The decoration in franchises is one of the most important points for the growth of a business, because it allows taking the “face” of the company to different locations, so that the brand is increasingly known.

In this sense, when we have a successful business and want to expand with franchises, we need to think about every detail that reflects the brand image wherever the business is, such as:

  • colors;
  • furniture;
  • finishings;
  • space organization.

Check out some finishing material tips for franchises and find out how to create a project that arouses the interest of potential customers and franchisees!

How does franchise decor work?

The parent company is the one who dictates how the decoration in franchises will be. It is common that, to test the business, there are some self owned points of sale, and standardization begins with them.

Try to combine a decoration that helps boost sales with the availability of materials in the market. After all, each franchisee will set up their stores based on the franchisor's architectural designs.

The project is based on the company's concept and its differentials. To begin, you must have the answers to the following questions:

  • what colors will be the used?
  • what will be highlighted in the environment?
  • what are the brand features?

How does the construction and finishing of restaurants and cafes work?

Regarding good practices, we can use cafe and restaurant franchises as an example. In them, it is necessary to think about the decoration of the environments that are visible and invisible for the public.

The areas that can receive finishing materials are:

  • bars;
  • kitchens;
  • balconies;
  • eating areas.

In the case of franchises where it is necessary to maintain a kitchen, a tip is to use aluminum wall baseboards and angle brackets. It will be easier to sanitize the environment, as the fat adheres less to this material, compared to wood.

In outdoor areas, you can add value to the project using sustainable solutions. This is the case with decks and EPS finishes, as these materials have an appearance and durability similar and greater than wood, but its base is recycled Styrofoam®.

Among the various sustainable options, it is possible to mention the products derived from reforestation wood, such as slatted wall mouldings.

Today, there already are franchise opportunities in different areas, such as:

  • cafes;
  • health;
  • industry;
  • commerce;
  • education;
  • restaurant;

The important thing is to assess what the needs of each environment are, creating a project from there.

If you have questions, we recommend reading our step-by-step guide to create a decoration project.

How to obtain finishing materials for decoration in franchises?

Santa Luzia has several collections with differentials for decoration in franchises, such as the use of recycled materials and reforestation wood. In addition, aesthetically, they make the environment more sophisticated, especially with solutions that bring the aspect of natural wood. Therefore, they are ideal for cafe and restaurant franchises.

NEO Collection

The NEO Collection features inverted wall baseboards in aluminum, facilitating the cleaning and sanitizing of environments. Not to mention that it can be applied in cafeterias, restaurants and cafes with industrial or contemporary styles.

For customer service areas, the illuminated wall baseboard doesn't bring just amplitude to spaces. As franchises are often set up in malls and smaller stores, it is a good alternative to make the environment cozier for customers with a innovative lighting.

Multiline Collection

You will also find options for slatted panels. Start with the project concept and then look for which finishes best express your brand image.

Thus, it will be easier to find a unique combination of colors, design and finishes if you are clear about what you are looking for.

With a good decoration in franchises, we managed to bring a unique personality and make the brand better known. Choose carefully in order to create a design that grabs attention and helps your business grow.

How about checking out the decoration options for your franchises? Discover Santa Luzia's Collections and find great solutions for your projects!

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