How to design modern and attractive commercial facades

The image shows one of the commercial facades of a chain of stores.
Modern facade of a department store

Corporate customers can provide a very attractive return for construction companies. However, you must be prepared to deliver projects that align with the company's needs, including increasing customer attraction. In this sense, knowing how to plan commercial facades is especially important.

In enterprise architecture, they play an important role because they influence the public perception and the identity the business wants to convey. Thus, regardless of the location of the facade — on the streets, malls, galleries or large commercial buildings — the project must be suitable for the objectives of the contracting company.

With that in mind, we prepared this content with the main tips to develop a good commercial facade and create amazing projects for your customers. Check it out!

How to design commercial facades for your customers?

A commercial facade project differs from traditional designs. It has the function of communicating with the public, attracting attention and encouraging people to seek the place. Therefore, it must be attractive and modern, in addition to standing out in relation to competitors.

To learn how to develop a project that meets these goals, check out the following tips!

Study the company's region

The starting point for any project is to study the region. Understand what the trends of the area, the surroundings of the neighborhood and the nearby commercial facades are. This can bring interesting elements to have inspirations and ideas about what can be interesting and what to avoid in the project.

If you have direct competitors of your client close to the space, it is worth observing what their space is like and thinking about differentials, inserting items on the facade that bring even more prominence to the project. Also notice how the view from different angles and nearby positions looks like — so you don't make a mistake, photograph everything to review again at another time.

Understand the laws and restrictions

Before beginning any project, you need to consider municipal laws to understand what is and is not allowed. Municipal regulations may impose some restrictions on what can be added to the facade, depending on the type of establishment or location.

Therefore, doing a judicial analysis of the regulations is essential to avoid problems in the project that may require adjustments or even generate inconvenience for the client after execution due to the imposition of fines or the requirement of renovations.

If the space is part of shopping malls, commercial buildings and other similar spaces, also research the internal rules. It is quite common for them to impose some rules to maintain certain standards between different establishments.

Avoid visual pollution

An essential caution when designing commercial facades is to avoid visual pollution. Amid so much inspiration and even customer requests, a common mistake is to insert too many elements, leaving the project overloaded. Excessive advertising, colors and contrasts, for example, can harm the result.

The same goes for the variety of finishes and lighting. Even municipal laws can set limits to avoid this type of situation. In order not to make mistakes, always think that “less is more” to focus on a specific style and the characteristics of the client's business.

Establish the concept to be followed, the colors and highlights, without including too many elements. This care will help to have a differentiated facade, but without excesses, which can deliver a visual identity aligned with the brand.

Use brand colors

Ideally, the facade should follow the brand's visual communication and be able to convey its identity to the public that observes the place. Therefore, it is interesting to include the colors of the company logo in the project. That is, they should not be limited to the sign with the name of the establishment.

As, in general, these colors are also used in the interior design project and in various elements of the business. This will help give a connection with the interior of the property, thus, creating a more harmonious space.

To make it easier, you can use different shades of the brand's colors and work with the color wheel to identify other colors that can be used to complement the project. But don't forget to consider the type of business to find the most suitable combinations.

Furthermore, it is worth considering the psychology of colors when choosing shades that will be complementary. Remember that they can arouse different sensations in the public and help convey the image that the company wants.

Invest in good lighting

A good facade needs to focus on lighting. At some times of the day, this factor may not even be so visible. However, remember that the public can pass through the place at different times, even when the establishment is closed.

It's critical that the space gets noticed and makes a good impression on the public — and commercial facades play a big role at this point. When the store stands out, it makes it etched in people's memory and when they need a product or service, they can remember the store as an opportunity.

So, think about different light points and how they will be installed, and their effects at different times of the day. It is essential to pay special attention to this process to avoid errors that result in delays and more spending on the project.

Use suitable materials and coverings

Another fundamental choice is the choice of materials and coverings that will compose the commercial facades. After all, they complement the entire design and can say a lot about the company, depending on its focus.

Image of a facade made with cladding material
Commercial facade of a coffee shop made with cladding material.

Companies aimed at the high-end public or sectors on the rise, such as technology, need less basic finishes that stand out in beauty and modernity. In other cases, the simplest finishes manage to deliver a more in line look for the establishment.

Studying the business and the characteristics of the brand becomes essential to achieve greater alignment in the project. Only in this way will it be possible to create a project that is ideal, from planning to delivery with everything finalized.

Another essential tip refers to the quality of the materials. Designs should always be made using higher quality items, which provide greater durability. With regard to coverings, this becomes even more important. Otherwise, in a short time the facade will need renovations, which can generate problems with customers.

Bet on market trends

The image shows a minimalist facade, on the side of an establishment.

When talking about commercial facades, it is necessary to keep in mind that they also have architectural trends that have been observed over the years. Therefore, this must be considered for the establishment to remain current.

The advantage is that there are trends for different styles and tastes, from the more sober and minimalist styles to the most eclectic. The key here is to consider the characteristics of the business and do targeted research to find insights that align with it.

If the construction company needs to design a law firm, the trends will be different from those present for stores aimed at children or in offices for health care. Hotels and inns, for instance, may require different decorations according to the target audience.

This direction in the search will make all the difference in the results found. In this way, it is possible to ensure a project suited to the company's needs, which is modern and current. With this, the chances that the commercial facade will remain relevant and aligned for a longer period is greater – which will also increase customer satisfaction.

Image description: side minimalist facade of an establishment.

What are the benefits that a good commercial facade provides?

To facilitate the realization of the project or even the sale to potential customers, it is worth mentioning the benefits that a good facade can provide for the business. See the main ones:

Sets itself apart from the competition

For starters, it's the facade of your company that will make, by looking at the place, the public can differentiate you from the competition. Therefore, it must have a aligned and attractive visual identity. This is how customers interested in your products or services can be encouraged to enter the site.

Creates your own brand

Brand awareness plays an important role in the market, as it helps make your company remembered by the public. This can make people think more about your solutions in the face of needs and even recommend your establishment to friends and acquaintances.

Makes the space memorable by giving greater visibility

Commercial facades that are designed with the brand in mind can create a memorable space. For example, the store can become a landmark. Thus, even if it is not the initial destination of a customer, it will be perceived by him. This can make the consumer interested in knowing more about it. Therefore, this increases audience appeal.

Now you know the main tips for designing commercial facades that stand out in your construction company. In this way, it is possible to deliver differentials to your customers, helping to keep your business more competitive and attractive in the market.

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