Church architecture: how to develop such a project?

Understanding the characteristics of the church is necessary for a good project.

When thinking about projects, it is common to have doubts about church architecture. They may require even more attention from the architect to be able to reflect the reality of the community, its histories, expectations and anxieties — mainly due to the particularities of a project focused on religion.

Furthermore, in addition to design from the outside and the composition of spaces, Special attention must be paid to the finishing phase. After all, they need to adapt to the rest of the project, in addition to ensuring greater durability and easy maintenance so that it works in the long term.

For these reasons, we brought tips on how to develop interior projects for the most varied churches. Check out!

Understand the environments that can be worked on in the design interior

In a church architecture project, there are several types of room that can be worked on.

The starting point is to assess which environments will be worked at the design of interiors. This will depend on the characteristics of each church, including its size and rooms needed to carry out all activities. In general, buildings encompass the following environments:

  • great hall (nave);
  • administration room;
  • catechesis room;
  • kitchen;
  • library;
  • chapel;
  • bathrooms.

Generally, the walls of spaces can be decorated with coverings, skirting boards, railings, angles, slats and boiseries, creating different patterns, according to the style of decoration. The images of saints also need to compose certain environments, always following the standards of the church.

Soon, the project manager needs to know how to integrate all the elements in harmony, also following the precepts of religion. Still, there is a need to consider the particularities of each environment to choose the better finish.

A good example of this is bathrooms and kitchens, as they can have higher humidity and therefore require materials that are more resistant to this factor to avoid problems.

Consider the characteristics of each church when creating the project

Good lighting and space planning are important elements in the architectural design of a church.

As seen, each church has the own structure and specific needs, which may vary by city, neighborhood and community needs. However, the entire project must function as a unit, so each design must be thought out carefully, considering the particularities of the spaces.

Some churches look for more ornaments and highlights in every detail. Others seek greater simplicity, while maintaining sophistication. So you need to know how to correctly dose the items used in the finishes. Still, it is necessary to keep in mind that all church items must compose the project.

Some halls in churches are for the exclusive use of the clergy.

For example, some communities with parishes may have a room for the priest. In this case, it can also be used skirting boards, railings, trims, boiseries and other finishes, depending on the chosen decoration style. In addition, the space must be comfortable and welcoming, so that it provides the best rest.

Choose materials suitable for church architecture

The materials used in finishing the church can vary according to your needs.

In all cases, it is necessary to know how to correctly choose the materials that will be used in the finishing. To do so, you should look for quality suppliers, who guarantee products of high durability and easy application.

This helps to avoid problems in the finishing the work and guarantees that the church project will remain preserved for longer. Keep in mind that this is an environment with a large circulation of people, so any renovations – in addition to requiring resources that are not always available – can hinder the reception of the faithful.

A church architecture project can be simple, and at the same time beautiful, with the appropriate finishes.

For this, you can count on the products of Indústria Santa Luzia. We present sustainable and quality solutions to apply in constructions or renovations of any project, including for Catholic churches or other religions. Thus, it is possible to guarantee beauty, durability, sophistication and respect for the environment in the works.

Now that you know more about church architecture, it is easier to think about how to plan for such a work. In all cases, it is essential to get to know the community, do a thorough interview with priests and other church officials to ensure. This helps ensure the greatest alignment of design to the needs and expectations they have with the construction.

Are you looking for high quality products to present the best finishes in your projects? Access to Santa Luzia products page and discover our solutions!

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